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Idealism meets audio lists!

Simple as that! Ideal, audio lists for any time, place and mood.

Audialist started out the need to organize various youtube playlists created over the years.
Other sites with similar content exist but they are like a labyrinth.
One has to go through a lot of menues
and subpages to get to a list worth listening.

Here we take another approach. ONE single page with minimalistic design and everything you need.
No link over link just to feed ad networks.
All the lists on one page, filters to get what you want to listen to and a player.
That's it.

We hope you enjoy Audialist as much as we do.
Happy listening.

Welcome to the beta version of Audialist!
We are excited and happy to finally go live
and share our music lists with you!

This is still a beta and some things will change over time
but you can start listening to our lists.

Things to come:
a) A blog (yep, a music blog)
b) More and refined list filters
c) More lists of cource :)

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Happy listening!
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